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By Hye-Jin Kang


France, which is traditionally a Roman Catholic nation, will go against the Catholic Church and recognize same-sex marriages. The French Attorney General, Christiane Taubira, stated he will submit a bill to the Cabinet council in October to legally recognize same-sex marriages and adoptions beginning early next year. In the late 1990s, France became the first country in the world to recognize homosexuals as a legal minority, but things have not always run smoothly over the past 10 years. During that time a right-wing government came to power and opposed recognition of same-sex marriages. Earlier this year, president Francois Hollande suggested the legalization of same-sex marriages as one of his main election promises, and key members of the Cabinet also urged to proceed with legalization after the socialist party came to power. Passage of the bill should be easy because the socialist party currently occupies majorities in all houses of Congress. However, it is expected to generate controversy because of strong opposition from the church and opposition parties.

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