Al Green - Love and Happiness (Live!)

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Love and happiness (yeah)
Something that can make you do wrong
Make you do right

Love and happiness

(Wait a minute)
Something's going wrong 
Someone's on the phone 
Three o'clock in the morning 
Talking about how she can make it right (well)

Happiness is when you really feel good about somebody 
There's nothing wrong
Bing in love with someone 
(Yeah. Oh baby)

Love and happiness
(Love and happiness)

(Have to say)
Love and happiness
(Love and happiness)

You be good to me 
I'll be good to you 
We'll be together 
We'll see each other 
Walk away with victory 

(Oh baby) 
Love and happiness
(Love and happiness)

(Hey hey hey)
Make you do right
Love'll make you do wrong 
Make you come home early
Make you stay out all night long 
The power of love
(Wait a minute, let me tell you) 
The power of love 
The power...
Make you do right
Love'll make you do wrong 

(Love and happiness)

Love'll make you wanna dance and sing
Make you wanna dance

Love and happiness

Love is...
(Wait a minute)
Love is... 
Walkin' together 
Talkin' together 
Singin' together
Prayin' together
Say, I wanna moan, say..
Moan for love, I say...
Let me moan for love, I say...
Wanna moan for love
Talkin' about the power...

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